Am I back?!?!

2011-01-20 03:51:20 by VeXillum

I'm not sure how many of you know me or remember me from a few years back. I used to frequently post music on Newgrounds as I was learning to produce.

I slowly stopped using Newgrounds as my style of music changed and this really wasn't the right place to upload it.

But now I'm really thinking about making those Trancy Dance tunes like I used to and become active again on this website. It would be cool to see some comments from people who remember me from 2 years ago :), and if you don't know me.... hey! I'm VeXy! Please check out my music and keep yourself updated as I start producing songs again for Newgrounds!

My most recent upload is called "VeXy - Winter" check it out and enjoy ;)


2008-11-11 19:59:01 by VeXillum

I'de like to thank everyone that has listened to and downloaded my music. You guys are what motivate me to make music. Please keep an eye of for future productions you wont be disappointed!


2008-11-04 13:15:45 by VeXillum

Hey for any of you interested... Add me to friends on myspace thanks