Entry #3

Am I back?!?!

2011-01-20 03:51:20 by VeXillum

I'm not sure how many of you know me or remember me from a few years back. I used to frequently post music on Newgrounds as I was learning to produce.

I slowly stopped using Newgrounds as my style of music changed and this really wasn't the right place to upload it.

But now I'm really thinking about making those Trancy Dance tunes like I used to and become active again on this website. It would be cool to see some comments from people who remember me from 2 years ago :), and if you don't know me.... hey! I'm VeXy! Please check out my music and keep yourself updated as I start producing songs again for Newgrounds!

My most recent upload is called "VeXy - Winter" check it out and enjoy ;)


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2011-01-20 04:52:32

any different style of music would be a wonderful break from the blood curdling FL tutorial sample trance bullshit

VeXillum responds:

maybe you wanna listen to my other music. check out www.myspace.com/vexymusic for a different style of music... as far as NG goes... the style here just happens to by rly dancy trancy stuff. So that's what I'm going to upload here.


2011-01-20 04:54:34

oof mayb next time i should check and see what people actually make before commenting loL!!!!!


2011-01-20 05:18:24

It's called

"Everything, by everyone"

for a reason


2011-01-20 11:20:05

i didnt mean YOUR music, i meant the terrible majority of the audio portal. but yeah any other genres would be neat go hog wild

VeXillum responds:

ah ok I meant to respond to the other comment i thought you were bashing my Newgrounds Music :P


2011-04-13 04:33:58

Oh my goodness man, this makes me happy. You put out good music years ago- and I'm excited to see what experience has given you.

Ghost and Distorted Reality still make it onto the playlists I listen to today. (Really, your version kicks the B0unce's original in the ass.)

Can't wait man, can't wait.