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ProgressiveT2ndtry(Edit) ProgressiveT2ndtry(Edit)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

i'm diggin this but...

Some of the percussion samples like the hat and clap in my opinion should be changed to something else. Either that or modify them to feel more blended with the song.

The new instrument you have at 1:32 has a few notes that don't match with the key of the song.

Otherwise I had a great time listening to it. I really like the bass line melody and first buildup is very trance-like. Great stuff, keep up the good work


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thunderboi2 responds:

Working on a new version as I type. I am editing the clap and replacing the hat to give it a more natural flow into the song. I am also modifying the instrument you mentioned. A new version should be up before the weekend ends. Thank you very much for your advice!

Beautiful Reality Beautiful Reality

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'm diggin your uniqueness...

i really like this. overall nice sound. It just lacks a nice qlimax. A song like this has so much more potential. I like the drums a lot they fit well. and the choice of sounds is really good!


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TS - Charge TS - Charge

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

And this is what I think...

though certain parts seem overdone (crazy melodies etc.) I enjoyed most of it.

Good unique buildups. Keep working on buildups and effects and learn different types of buildups and combine your knowledge :)

the ending would be better if you left some seconds of emptyness (no sound) and maybe throw in a reverb for the last bit (a very very quiet reverb used only to make the ending smooth so it doesnt cut).

everything before 1:38 should be revised and possibly changed. you kinda have 2 different genres of music in 1 song. Personally i like the stuff after 1:38 a lot so maybe change the intro up.

One last thing is the crazy arpeggio after the slow part. It sounds really cool but you should consider changing a couple notes in there to make it less.. ehm... tangy.. i guess thats the word I'm looking for :)

Don't take my review as a negative review.. I'm just trying to help. I wouldn't spend all this time writing up a long review if I wasn't interested in helping out and listening to how your future music turns out.

btw i rated 5/5 ;)

~ElpH~Snowstorm ~ElpH~Snowstorm

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Thx for the dedi. I'll 5 that. Ur gettin much better I haven't heard ur stuff in a while.. ur next step as a producer is mastering the mastering hehe... and watch the clipping on the instruments.. remember the original mix shouldn't go over 0db.

Elph responds:

Thanks, Mastering is hard though :(

I guess i will figure somthing out :)

~ElpH~Light ~ElpH~Light

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

alright... here it is :)

Basically what kazm0 said isnt all true.. and mostly based on opinion.. the lead at 7 seconds is NOT annoying and its just a matter of taste.. i personally like it..

the song is however a tad overcompressed.. when mastering and compressing many ppl tend to overcompress thus lowering the high points and low points of the song structure.

If ur gonna master with FL use the Maximus or w/e its called but dont over compress with that either.. stay away from the soundgoodizer (its just a simplified preset of the Maximus plugin that compresses too much when used improperly).

a tip when mastering is.. before mastering.... make sure all your master volume in the mixer never reaches 0db. you need a good mix to make a good mastered version.. so save all mastering for the end.. worry about getting your mix to sound as good as possible without any mastering.

getting back on track lets talk about the structure a bit... i think when the buildup occurs you should have a nice powerful bass come in to bring life to the song. its disappoints me when someone makes a decent buildup... that doesnt build up into anything :D

I hope you understand what I wrote its 6:55 am and i still havent slept yet.. don't ask why i'm trying to figure that one out myself ;)

~Elph~Nexus (mastered) ~Elph~Nexus (mastered)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


its good stuff nice melody.. and prety cool quality apart from the kick. anyways it was rly good and i liked it and the ending. it would have been better if it was structured more like a full song.

5/5 cuz ur gettin better.

Elph responds:

ha thanks bro, be sure to keep me updated when you get some new stuff up :)

AmbientDreams(DubStyle-Rework) AmbientDreams(DubStyle-Rework)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


despite what the other people said. I think the bells really fit well with the hard bass. its a contrast that brings out character to the song... maybe hes right about the repetitiveness but its not that bad. whether this is your last upload to NG or not you should keep working on this track and perfect it


[my minds' eye] [my minds' eye]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

very nice

you did a great job at taking a music genre that usually always sounds the same and making it your own unique piece. I enjoyed all the experimental sounds u threw in there great job ;). I'll make sure to stop by every once in a while to listen to your new stuff. I have 2 new songs Mirage and Forget (Piano). both use the same basic chords and melody but they are 2 different styles. check em out when you have time :). keep up the good work. ciao


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zomgkerrie responds:

wow! thanks so much! i'm glad you liked it! i will be sure to swing by and check our your songs as well! thanks for the listen and review!

Ambient Lounge Ambient Lounge

Rated 4 / 5 stars

sounds good

rly cool and chill. about the question u asked me on the PM. the little block ur going through is normal. just take a break from makin music. dont even try to make up little melodies in ur head. check out my new song called Mirage. Thats what I came up with after a long block like ur goin through.

Skylence responds:

alright thanks, and ill check it out :)

My Game My Game

Rated 4 / 5 stars

go back to it

its pretty nice and simple.. you said you did it kinda fast.. so go back to it and add more. You tend to post incomplete songs on NG often.. this one is almost there.. i rly liked it anyhow. Just fill it up... the glass is only half full ;)

Check out my song i put under modern Hip-Hop... its different than my usual stuff but you know me i like to diversify. Its kinda got a dark theme to it.. lemme know what you think.